Video Generates New Revenue

Utilize the power of video and video marketing to generate new revenue and create tons of video content during your event that can be used both by you and your exhibitors to extend the experience beyond the venue walls. Tradeshow Media Partners can also create a video channel branded for your event that provides year-round engagement and promotion opportunities. 

Featuring In-Booth Videos

These short event branded videos are an easy add-on for exhibitors at any conference or trade show and a great way to get more out of your event. Our niche is to film, edit, and deliver these videos within 24 hours so they can be released immediately during the event on the exhibitor’s website and social media platforms, as well as your event’s own branded channel and/or website. 

In-Booth Video examples:



Christie 4k Projectors

Video Increases Attendance

With or without new video, we can also use video or photography you already have to create a marketing tool to help you get more attendees to register and attend your event. And once we film your event, we can create custom videos for next time to highlight what happens during the event and keep people coming back for more.

promotional Video for attendees



Video Of Your Presentations

At the same time we’re creating revenue generating video for you, we can also create video of your keynote speakers and other featured presentations. In most cases we can film, edit, and deliver these videos within 12 to 24 hours so you can publish the videos during the event.   



Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Convention Timelapse



Create your own TV channel

We can help you create and develop your own event branded channel to keep your attendees and exhibitors connected year-round. This helps to increase your presence online and on your social media platforms and gives you a valuable way to release content throughout the year.





Coach House Platinum II

Video Increases Exhibitors & Sponsors

Use the same video strategy to attract more exhibitors and sponsors for your event. We can create video designed to expand your marketing efforts in growing your exhibit floor and sponsorship opportunities. Video is one of the best ways to spread the word that your event is the go-to place for your industry.

Promotion for exhibitors


Video Of Your Special Events

Whether its your pre-event reception or other special events, these videos are always well received. Let all those who participated relive the fun they had and use the video to encourage more participation the next time. We can deliver these popular videos within 24 hours.



Operations Challenge!


It takes a lot of work to put on your event. One of our most popular kinds of video for our event clients is showcasing this effort using time-lapse photography.