No Cost, No Risk Solutions As Partners

If you don’t have or can’t spare the resources needed to develop and execute a show daily magazine or video program for your event, Tradeshow Media Partners can do it for you as your partner. We listen to what you want and then produce the show daily or video program customized for you and your event. We generate the revenue from show daily advertising or video sponsorship so that there is no cost or risk to you and may even provide revenue sharing opportunities. 

As Vendors

If you have some of the resources needed for a show daily magazine or video program but still need expert help, Tradeshow Media Partners can provide support wherever needed as a fee-based service. For show dailies this can include onsite editorial, design/layout, printing, and distribution services. For video this can include onsite camera operators, hosts, producers, and video editing. You generate the revenue from advertising and/or sponsorships and we help to make sure you deliver on your promises.